November 21, 2023

8 Ways to Use Instagram to Share Your Faith (Without Being Pushy)

8 Ways to Use Instagram to Share Your Faith (Without Being Pushy)

Let’s be real. Being a Christian on social media is daunting. At least it was for me. When I first felt called to my faith in my social media content, I cringed. I was afraid that people would be annoyed and think that I was being judgemental. Whereas it’s common to be “spiritual” these days, being “Christian” is being religious and that can rub some the wrong way. At least that’s how my brain wrapped itself around this topic.

Thankfully, after lots of prayer and time with God, I discovered it can be easy and fun to let my joy of the Lord pour out into my profiles. Social media has not only brought me closer to God, but it’s helped me reach people who might never think about that kind of thing.

Here are some of my favourite ways to joyfully share faith on Instagram:

1. Share Your Testimony

Why do you believe? What happened to you? In what ways has God impacted your life? People love hearing your story! If this sounds daunting, take time to write your testimony and sort out some of the details. A bonus of this activity is that it will also bring you closer to God and help you to see how God worked in your life.

2. Give Thanks

When you have something to celebrate, include God in your list of family and friends that you thank! Social Media is all about the highlights and people tend to love posts that thank and acknowledge someone they love.

3. Share Bible Verse Graphics

There are plenty of great Bible apps available with hundreds of Bible verses already designed in gorgeous graphics ready for you to repost and share. If you prefer to go DIY, you can even write out your favourite verses on paper and arrange it into a flat lay.

4. Demonstrate Your Faith In Action

The next time you are involved in a Christian charity or church event, snap a picture and share. These subtle moves open the door people the people in your life to ask about that event, creating space for you to mention your faith.

5. Say Hello on Sunday!

Spending Sunday at church? Pull out your phone and grab a picture with a few friends. A bonus of this one is that the next time you invite someone to church with you, they might recognize a few familiar faces, thanks to your introduction on social media.

6. A Sneak Peek of Your Quiet Time

The next time you have quiet time with God, take a photo of your sofa, location or cup of coffee and write a simple caption explaining what you are doing. An even easier idea for your caption is to quote an inspiring sentence from your caption.

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I’m flipping through the book of Genesis. It never dawned on me how often God presents himself through nature and the master of Nature. Thunder. Pillars of Clouds. Brighter than the Sun. Splitting the sea. Calming the storms. _ I can see it now: My ongoing pursuit and adoration for nature was the GPS of my soul, directing me to God. I just didn’t call it God. In fact, there was a period 2 years ago where I couldn’t even utter the word God. The concept of “God” didn’t make any sense to me. I didn’t want to hear anyone talk about it. I eventually came to prefer the word universe. Many pieces I’ve written here on Instagram refer to the Universe. But now, I know the difference. I can F E E L the difference. _ So in January, I started to study the Bible and it all came trickling back in. These were the stories of my childhood. I grew up in the church. But for the first time in my life, I could see it all with fresh eyes. This God doesn’t just exist in the universe. He C R E A T E D the universe. He can control every detail: the winds, the storms, the traffic lights. And he made me. Me: Anita Wing Lee, the 27 year old in 2018. He designed my race, culture, family, my personality, my era, my generation, every facet of my Life. _ This is strange to me. It’s all new again. Lifetimes ago, I got upset about some church drama and I took it out on God, casting the whole ‘religion' thing out the window along with the dreams I had of serving Him. _ "If this church and this God can’t help me, I’ll find my own way.” Or so I told myself. _ Part 3 of 7 💛 "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

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7. Give Yourself and Others Grace

Talk about concepts like grace, forgiveness, and mercy. These ideas can help open people’s hearts to God’s presence as they come to see that there is another way to live.  

8. Share an Inspiring Sermon or Podcast

People love getting authentic recommendations. Grab a screenshot of the latest Christian book, a video you watched on YouTube, or podcast that inspires you and tell people what you love about it!

Don’t worry if your posts don’t lead to big moments where you get to bring someone to Christ. Think of your social media as a conversation starter. It lets people in on other aspects of your life, that you might otherwise not get to share.

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