November 22, 2023

Friend Me: Seasons of Friendship

Grow On The Go #39

This week we are discussing the evolution of friendships. As we build intimacy and trust, we also become aware of things we don’t like about each other. Sometimes we get to a point where it seems the bad outweighs the good. What happens next determines whether you have deep, mature friendships or not. We’ll show how our friendship with God goes through seasons as well and talk about how to get past an autumn of disappointment with God.

In this Episode:

For those who want to begin a relationship with God, you can talk to God in prayer.

It simply requires a sincere heart and a simple expression of a few words that are necessary for every friendship: sorry, thank you, and please.

  • Express to Him your awareness that you have wronged Him by living independently of Him and making selfish choices, and for that you are sorry.
  • Acknowledge His incredible sacrifice in sending His Son to die a horrible death on a Roman cross to satisfy the demands of justice for our wrongs. Out of a heart of gratitude, say, “Thank You.”
  • Surrender control to Him. Knowing that His way is always best, say, “Please take over the leadership of my life.”

Now spend time getting to know him! Read his love letter, the Bible. I recommend you start in the book of Mark. Talk to him. You might find this easiest by writing prayers like you are writing a love letter to him in return.

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With the rise of social media, more of us are managing our relationships online instead of in person. Technology that was meant to make communication easier and faster for busy people may have met its goal, but often at the expense of intimacy and meaningful conversation.

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