Amber Newberry Struggles with Crazy Incredible Redemption of Horrific Things

Mom Struggling Well #42

Some of us are able to tell stories eloquently.  Some of our stories have rough places that can seem too dark to overcome.  My friend Amber’s story is both; incredibly difficult AND beautifully told.  She is a gifted storyteller with a story of forgiveness and grace that will knock your socks off.

what we chat about:

  • What it’s like when no one believes your story
  • Grieving abortion
  • Practically taking thoughts captive
  • Amber’s 5-minute “Hey Jesus” time-out sessions

links mentioned:

Save the Storks

Amber’s Save the Storks Video

Scripture Doodle

where to find amber:

shop // instagram // facebook // twitter

share the struggle:

Find me on Instagramtwitter or facebook because I want to hear YOUR thoughts on this episode!  If you’ve been encouraged by the show, please share it with another mom.  The struggle is real.  We might as well do this together!

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