September 10, 2021

Supporting Her Husband and the Importance of Foam with Jill Burrows

Jill Burrows

Mom Struggling Well #22

Meet Jill Burrows. I love Jill’s story.  She was a mom who (like all of us) wanted to take better pictures of her kids.  She got a nice camera and made her husband PROMISE he wouldn’t let her think she was now a professional photographer just because she had a nice camera.  Well, a few months later, she took some photos of a friend’s kids and it turned out she was pretty good at it!

The other part of her story that I love is how God-directed it has been.  I have had a tendency to want to force things (I’ve gotten in loads of trouble that way) and I appreciate seeing people who do the opposite of me.  Her goal in her words: “He sees the beauty worth loving in all of us, so I’m doing my best to use the gift He’s graciously given me to capture that beauty while serving and inspiring others.

what we chat about:

  • what it looks like to let God lead
  • how she fights perfectionism
  • what it’s been like to go back to work after 8 years
  • her serious love of foam

links mentioned:

Tenzi game

where to find jill burrows:

website // instagram

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