September 25, 2020

Love & The Outcome Celebrate God’s Path with ‘These Are The Days’

Love & The Outcome

jenCanadian husband and wife duo, Jodi King and Chris Rademaker, or as they are more commonly known, Love & The Outcome, have just released their second album, These Are The Days.

It was the perfect time to chat with Jodi King about their latest release and their journey on God’s path.

Their sophomore release, These Are The Days, dropped this fall, and has been met with rave reviews. The album symbolizes recent changes in their life. More importantly, it’s about adapting to these changes by having faith in the path God has laid out for them.

“[The God I Know] is all about putting our praise before our problems…”

“This album is a celebration of the season of life we are in and is full of miracles that the Lord has done,” explained Jodi. “The Spirit encouraged us to rip up our ‘to do list’ and make a miracle list. We are learning to leave room for the Lord to move and provide, and not to do it for ourselves. I hope people are reminded that life is a dance, a celebration and everyday is a chance to join in!”

The album marks the return of Grammy Award winning producer Seth Mosley, and long time collaborator Colin Munroe. These Are The Days tells the story of patience and trusting that God has everything under control. This theme is something that Jodi and Chris take to heart in everything that they do.

“Our song ‘The God I Know’ lyrics ‘hands up worries down’ is all about putting our praise before our problems,” said Jodi. “As soon as I do that my problems grow smaller and I’m reminded that God has everything in his view.”

As with their debut album, Love & The Outcome takes the creative process seriously and it is truly a collaboration. With Jodi writing lyrics and Chris writing melodic bass lines, their songs come from personal experience. From the birth of their son to the devastating loss of Chris’ mother. It is this journey that Love & The Outcome takes inspiration from when it comes to their writing process.

“It is importance to be yourself, be kind and bloom where you’re planted.”

“Together our music is a combo of rock and pop, and full of lyrics that point to the conversations we’ve been having with the Lord and each other,” said Jodi. “Lyrically we pull a lot from my journal, and ways that we’ve been experiencing the Lord and life. We’re pretty ‘to the point’ lyric writers.”

Music has been a deep part of their growth since they were children. Chris listened to The Beatles, and made his own instruments, while Jodi grew up listening to Amy Grant, and playing the piano. Both were surrounded by music growing up, so the path to the professional music scene seemed like a natural one.

love-the-outcome-liveTheir music career together started serendipitously for Jodi and Chris. They first met when Chris filled in for guitar at Jodi’s gigs as a solo artist. At the time Chris was touring with The Attics, and after the band decided to go their separate ways, Jodi and Chris decided to join forces and create Love & The Outcome. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2013, and they went on to win the GMA Canada Covenant Award for New Artist of the Year. They toured with the likes of TobyMac, Lacrae, Switchfoot and Jeremy Camp.

With all of this great success, they have always stayed true to their roots.

“It is importance to be yourself, be kind and bloom where you’re planted,” advised Jodi. “By that I mean take the opportunities that come your way right where you’re living and serving. Don’t wait for the dream opportunity. We all need to develop and grow so that we’re ready for what the Lord has in store! His timing is perfect. Also, if you knock on a door and it doesn’t open, then it’s not your door! I’ve definitely learned that the hard way a time or two!”

When they’re not touring, they are self-proclaimed foodies, always checking out the newest coffee shop in Nashville. They never pass up the opportunity to get outdoors.

“On our Sabbath days off (usually Mondays after a weekend of touring) we don’t use our phones, computers or car,” joked Jodi. “We walk, hang and chill. It seems to be crucial for us as we restart a new week.”

As for the future for Love & The Outcome, Jodi says they look forward to making more music, spending time with their son, Milo and touring. Love & The Outcome continues to be patient and trust in the path the Lord has laid out for them.

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