November 11, 2022

A Path to Gratitude with Dan and Danielle Macaulay

This week is the first time we have had a married couple, Dan and Danielle Macaulay! Dan is an acclaimed Canadian-born worship leader and singer/songwriter, as well as a passionate pastor and speaker. Danielle is a foodie, blogger, and recent author of a new family-friendly book about devotionals around the dinner table.

Together they discuss:

  • Danielle taking a back seat to my husband
  • the idea behind FromMilkToMeat.com
  • how the devotional Table Talk came to be
  • the life of a singer/songwriter
  • Dan’s preference of singing/leading/speaking
  • the blossoming relationship and growing as a couple
  • a quick “Getting to know You” game

“I don’t think we could have ever predicted this path that God has put us on. We are grateful and, even though it’s been tough, God builds gratitude.”

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