September 22, 2020

Family, Music, and Spiritual Growth with Jon Neufeld

You may remember him leading worship with his brother in Starfield. Fast forward to now, he is leading worship at his home church in Oregon, investing in the lives of young musicians and continuing a life as a solo musician. He was able to carve some time away from the Michael W. Smith tour across Canada, please welcome Jon Neufeld.

What we talk about:

  • Growing up in the prairie’s
  • The Birth of Starfield
  • Faith becoming your own
  • Spiritual Growth/Working with incredible organizations
  • An honest looking at no more Starfield
  • Solo career
  • Family and learning about Autism

“I’m not spared suffering, I’m not spared hard things in life. All the more I should be passionately following the great commission; going and making disciples, teaching and building up the body of Christ… and waving the flag for what matters. For me that’s justice, that’s compassion, that’s generosity…”

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