Second Chances with Dr. Allen Lycka

Dr. Allen Lycka

He was at the top of his career and was then told you have six months to live. Dr. Allen Lycka’s incredible journey and struggles lead him to write “The Secrets of Living a Fantastic Life,” a book co-written with Harriet Tinka who has an amazing story in her own right. We know you’re going to love this Why Me Project podcast episode as we explore second chances and how to find golden pearls in our biggest challenges.

Allen Talks About:

  • Dermatology
  • Life Changed
  • Secret’s to Living a Fantastic Life
  • Golden Pearls
  • Why Me

“I decided to give back, I decided this experience gave me a second chance. It gave me a way to help people and so I started writing a book and sponsored a contest or the YWCA.”

– Dr. Allen Lycka

Johnny & Hollie

Hosts of The Morning Spin on Edmonton’s Shine-FM, Johnny Rocket and Hollie Taylor search for life's unscripted moments as part of the Why Me Project, a weekly podcast discussing incredible "Why Me?" moments with God.

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