November 22, 2023

Anne Woolger wikis the Cost of Following Jesus and Standing with Refugees

WikiGod #56

This week, we wiki God with Anne Woolger, founder of Matthew House Toronto, a home for refugees and displaced people who find themselves in Toronto.

Anne and I talk about:

  • how she came to believe at a young age that following Jesus should cost something;
  • her first encounter with a refugee and his heartbreaking story;
  • how she came to formally work with refugees;
  • the three kinds of refugees in Canada and their different challenges;
  • the steps in Anne’s story that prepared her to take on the momentous task of starting a home for refugees;
  • the amazing 7-year journey that brought Matthew House into being;
  • what day-to-day looks like at Matthew House;
  • how we can engage Matthew House and work with displaced persons in Toronto.

Mark Groleau

Our stories. Shaping God. I host conversations with Toronto Jesus-followers and God-thinkers who help us wiki God towards a better faith.

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