Dr. Darryl Dash wikis Theocentric Faith, Unity, and God’s Drama

Darryl Dash

WikiGod #43

This week we are wikiing God with Dr. Darryl Dash, a church starter, writer, blogger, and the Pastor of Liberty Grace Church. Darryl’s desire is to unify and Liberty Grace exists to glorify God and make disciples by inviting people into community to share in the beauty of relationship with Jesus. His conversation with Mark has some great ideas in engaging with others and building understanding together.

Darryl Dash and Mark Talk About…

  • what kept him writing for 14 years – and counting.
  • when he came out of fundamentalism and its positive and negative effects
  • how he became voracious about participating in the theological conversations
  • doing church in post-Christian society
  • the differences and similarities in the emerging church and The Gospel Coalition,
  • challenges of understating shifting cultures and the importance of asking questions in a posture of learning
  • why relationship is the ultimate peacemaking ingredient in theological disagreement
  • how Theology Pub came from a desire to unify
  • the importance of having a theocentric faith (rather than anthropocentric)
  • how preachers must help us reimagine the world rather than fall into self-help
  • why listening rather than “metrifying” is crucial to doing things in the neighbourhood
  • God’s drama and how we are invited to participate, through all our disparate opinions and ideas

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Mark Groleau sits down with fellow Jesus-followers, sharing their beliefs and stories to “wiki” a better understanding of God. This is where theology and faith collide to help each other grow and shape a more compelling God for everyone.


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