November 22, 2023

Dion Oxford wikis Frustration, Compassion, and the God-paradigm

WikiGod #55

This week, we are wikiing God with Dion Oxford. Dion has spent more than 25 years working among folks who are living on or close to the streets of Toronto. Furthermore, he is a longtime anti-poverty advocate and founder of The Salvation Army Gateway men’s shelter and Causeway.

Dion and I talk about:

  • how a young man’s life changed when he became friends with “those people”
  • being frustrated with the church while deeply loving it
  • the important difference between judging and criticizing
  • intentional decisions around eliminating feelings of “us and them”
  • why ministry should not and cannot be one-sided
  • how the world can only make sense in a God-paradigm
  • how our lives are a mingling of wounding and blessing

Mark Groleau

Our stories. Shaping God. I host conversations with Toronto Jesus-followers and God-thinkers who help us wiki God towards a better faith.

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