Dr. Blake Martin wikiis Why Science Compels Him Towards God

Blake Martin

WikiGod #39

This week we are wikiing God with Dr. Blake Martin, research scientist and professor of dance. Blake has a PhD in Kinesiology and a Graduate Diploma in Neuroscience from York University. He is passionate to learn and helping people learn more about the human mind, body and spirit. Additionally, he aims to foster healthy and vigorous scientific discussion about movement, brains, learning and thinking in humans. Sounds right up Mark Groleau’s alley doesn’t it?

Dr. Blake Martin and Mark Talk About…

  • the fortuitous effects of falling through a stained-glass window as a kid
  • how he was drawn to science from the earliest age and his impressions of the Christians in the neighbourhood
  • why science drew him towards God and raised questions about the spiritual
  • the power of both dance, yoga, and how movement has a direct impact on brain health
  • what it means to be a “Zen existentialist Christian” and the discipline of embracing mystery
  • the mystery of the Incarnation and how science compels him towards God rather than away from faith
  • the uses and usefulness of Myers-Briggs
  • how our “discover-wiring” aids in re-encountering God in richer ways throughout a lifetime
  • having a “existentialist” angle to his spirituality,
  • why we might find meaning in the randomness of life
  • recent scientific insights on the brain and its benefits and risks

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