November 22, 2023

Church, Masks, and the Kindness of Others with Erinn Oxford

Erinn Oxford

WikiGod #32

This week we are wikiing God with Erinn Oxford, Pastor and Director at The Dale Ministries. The Dale is community that seeks to be welcoming to all and empower those experiencing poverty of spirit or space. Erinn has a Bachelor of Religious Education from Tyndale, as well as a Diploma in the Management of Volunteers from Humber College. She also has extensive experience working with people who are street involved, underhoused, and trying to cope with substance addiction and mental health issues. On the whole, Erinn is a Toronto native who loves her city and there is lots to take away from her conversation with Mark.

In This Episode:

  • what it’s like to serve in a model that defies typical and popular definitions of “church”
  • the masks we wear and how church can be a place where we hide
  • how sandwich runs for street-involved people fostered her love for people on the margins
  • insight into the challenges and the beauty being a community without a building
  • about the shape of the weekly gatherings and who is served by The Dale
  • continuing on when times were so tough it looked like The Dale might close
  • about partnerships and what it’s like to depend on God and the kindness of others
  • why we are all poor, how we all need each other, and what the good news is for Toronto

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