November 22, 2023

Ali Raney and Zoe Neuman (The Lovelocks) wiki Music and Personal Faith

The Lovelocks: Ali Raney and Zoe Neuman

WikiGod #48

This week we are wikiing God with female roots-country duo Ali Raney and Zoe Neuman, also known as The Lovelocks.  They first became friends through a shared passion for music, which led to writing songs and the decision to start a band together. On this episode of the WikiGod Podcast, Mark Groleau speaks to Ali and Zoe about their music, as well as how their Christian faith influences them in all they do.

The Lovelocks and Mark Talk About…

  • how music influenced them as children
  • how they met and why they decided to form a band together
  • what it’s like to work with a best friend
  • the difference between a “band of Christians” and a “Christian band”
  • why they were intentional with that definition from the outset
  • how every industry can benefit from Christians working within it and why it’s especially true of the music industry
  • how faith is integral to life for them, their work, and their relationships together

About the Podcast

Mark Groleau sits down with fellow Jesus-followers, sharing their beliefs and stories to “wiki” a better understanding of God. This is where theology and faith collide to help each other grow and shape a more compelling God for everyone.


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