November 22, 2023

Indie Band Junia Balance Music and Faith


This week we are wikiing God with members of the band Junia, an indie music collective from Toronto. Mark sits down with David, Amy, and Joel to discuss the difference between a “Christian band” and Christians who are in a band. It’s a situation a lot of us face trying to balance our faith with our daily lives. Ultimately, we’re all just trying to find out how we fit into this grand plan between the Creator and the rest of creation.

What’s On Episode 30:

  • David, Amy, and Joel’s backgrounds and how they got into music
  • their early musical and faith influences
  • how each of them internalized music from a young age
  • the discipline of holding down day jobs to support their projects
  • different expressions of church
  • what “success” as a musician might look and feel like
  • writing music and what they value and how that comes through in lyrics
  • fundamental elements of trust, respect, comfort, and vulnerability in working together
  • the virtues and shortcomings of the music industry
  • how Jesus-following effects their ethics and practice in all aspects of living

About WikiGod

Mark Groleau sits down with fellow Jesus-followers, sharing their beliefs and stories to “wiki” a better understanding of God. This is where theology and faith collide to help each other grow and shape a more compelling God for everyone.


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