Boom, Bust, Battlestar Galactica (Acts 16:11-15)

Ten Minute Bible Hour: Acts 16:11-15

In this episode, the Worst Christian Ever looks at Acts 16:11-15. Paul came up empty on his last trip to Asia Minor even though he struck gold last time he was there. Now he’s on to Macedonia with a well-informed hunch that things will go better there.

Just jumping in with this series? Each episode builds on the last, so you’ll have way more fun if you go back to the start and watch the whole thing in order. Here’s a link to the playlist that’ll take you right through it.

About Worst Christian Ever

Worst Christian Ever LogoMatt Whitman loves to make videos about culture, history, faith, and the Bible. He tries to make sense of these topics like a normal person with normal people in mind.  It may make him the “Worst Christian Ever,” but Matt’s refreshing approach helps change the conversation back to what really matters.

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Matt Whitman

Hey, I'm Matt, and if you're interested in understanding the Bible better and you prefer your Christianity quick and punchy with a healthy side of humor, and an equally healthy side of me not telling you what to do, we're probably going to get along great.

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