November 11, 2022

Elizabeth Pierce’s Story of Deep, Soulful Places

This week’s story comes from Elizabeth Pierce, a clinical social worker who is helping others discover the deep, soulful places where God’s presence can be known. You’ll learn why these places are important and how embracing His love will have you living a free life filled with hope, joy, and faith.

What we talk about:

  • her story and growing up in a blended family
  • how parents can help their kids build a relationship with Jesus
  • reacting with your kids when they are dealing with things
  • building better connections with our loved ones and God
  • the benefit of opening yourself up to God
  • her journey writing her book and dealing with fear
  • being tangled by lies from the enemy and how to help each other
  • the meaning behind and importance of ‘Deep, Soulful Places’
  • abuse and what the Bible actually says about a woman’s role
  • the fear of aging and women struggling with their identity

“Your story in someone else’s life is more powerful than preaching at them about some Biblical tenets or philosophical ideas that you might have.”

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