Bethel Music’s New Single “Be Alright” is Dedicated to 2020

Bethel Music’s New Single “Be Alright” is Dedicated to 2020

With all the chaos and negativity the year 2020 has brought us, Dante Bowe’s new single “Be Alright,” featuring Amanda Lindsey Cook, is a welcome relief.

The hooky chorus of “it’s gonna be alright, alright, alright” and the low-key synth-pop groove has a calming effect. And lyrics like, “This won’t last forever Baby, it’s gonna get better,” don’t hurt either.

“Be Alright” premiered on August 25, 2020 with the video description on YouTube saying,

Be Alright is dedicated to 2020. Dedicated to people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures and point of views. Many of which have fallen subject to symptoms and effects of things like the Covid-19 Pandemic, Racial Injustice and/or hard, natural life situations. Things like financial struggle, job security and relational challenges all matched with the inability to go to church, marital strain and kids being unable to go to school.


The track ends with this powerful verse,

If you’re standing on the edge

Or if you’re home alone with a loaded gun

There’s strength at your lowest

Life’s worth living, you have just begun

Be Alright

Both Bowe and Cook are members of Bethel Music Collective and are active worship leaders and songwriters.

Listen to “Be Alright.”

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