February 29, 2024

6 Christian Influencers Actually Speaking To Millennials

It seems these days that every ministry has a social media account and looking for ways to connect online. Pastors and church leaders have talked a lot about reaching millennials in the church, but how many are actually speaking to millennials in the church?

That’s why we created this list of Christian influencers to check out on social media. These people show us that they are ordinary moms, dads, friends, daughters, sisters, and brothers, just like us, and they have an extraordinary God.

Here’s a list of 6 people who have been inspiring us. And don’t forget to share your picks with us on YouTube or Instagram!

Bethany Hamilton

She’s the surfer who had her arm bit off by a shark when she was 13 years old and went on to have a successful career as a pro surfer. What we love about Bethany’s Instagram is that she shares the ups and downs of her real life. She’s created an online course – and At the start of the COVID pandemic, gave away a ton of scholarships to her online course – for people to spend a year learning how to be unstoppable with her.

Chance The Rapper

There’s a lot to love about Chance The Rapper, but what we love most is how open he is about his faith. Born Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, Chance is a well-known rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, activist, actor, and philanthropist. His lyrics often reference Christian theology, as well as struggles with his faith and upbringing. Even still, Chance believes God is to thank for his blessings and his success and is not afraid to post screengrabs from his Bible app on social media.

Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry is a poet, Bible teacher and hip-hop artist. She is perhaps best known for her book, Gay Girl, Good God, a memoir discussing her own sexual and gender identity and how God came into her life. Jackie has written for various Christian ministry organizations, focusing on reconciling issues of homosexuality with Christianity. This stance has been criticized by many, including scientists, gay rights activists, and other Christians, but there is no doubt that Jackie’s heart is for people to discover God’s love.

Bianca Olthoff

Bianca Olthoff calls herself a “passionate Jesus-loving, bible-teaching, book-writing MexiRican” and it is truly a great summary. More than that, she is the founder of In The Name of Love, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through the saving power of Jesus Christ. The ministry offers resources, experiences, and mentorship for millennials and social justice initiatives. Plus, some of her posts bring the LOLs and that never hurts.

Tim Tebow

One of the biggest names in sports, Tim Tebow has made no secrets about his strong faith. From his time as a star quarterback in the NFL to now playing baseball with the New York Mets minor league, Tim has always put God first on and off the field. You see messages about God’s love and God’s care in almost every post and that is the best kind of influencer.

Robert Madu

For 10 years, Robert Madu has crisscrossed the globe preaching the gospel. He is a family man who bridges real life and church life, often using his platform to speak about social justice and making a change. Robert presents the gospel in such a unique and dynamic way, sharing the beauty and life-giving word of God.

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