Taylor Swift Raises Voice: ‘I’m a Christian. That’s Not What We Stand For’

Taylor Swift’s new Netflix documentary Miss Americana is exploring the evolution of the singer’s brand and one clip is causing a stir amongst fans and critics, showcasing why the singer has become so outspoken about politicians co-opting faith.

Taylor Swift is one of the biggest pop stars having won over America’s heart with her catchy songs since her debut album in 2006. Recently, she’s become more outspoken about her political beliefs and has used her platform to show her support. Last year she released the song “You Need To Calm Down,” which was full of social commentary. 

Now with her new Netflix special, Miss Americana, we’re getting an inside look into her personal shift. 

The documentary chronicles her journey from being a safe, young pop star to a more complex human. She spent a year out of the spotlight and deconstructed her beliefs. 

A clip from the documentary that’s been making rounds this week. In it, we see Taylor in an emotional fight with her management team, who urge her to keep quiet on social and political issues. Taylor insists that she wants to be on “the right side of history.” 

In response to local ads for a Tenessee politician, Taylor comments on how she feels about politicians disguising their policy behind Christian values. Take a look: 

Along with the documentary, Taylor has released another political song called “Only the Young”.

Taylor released a statement about the song, saying that she wrote it after seeing young people disappointed from the elections. She empathizes with young people saying that they are the ones who feel the worst effects of gun violence, war, climate change, and student loans.

What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to join the comments section over on YouTube!

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