February 29, 2024

Watch Progressive and Conservative Christians Discuss the Big Topics

The need for healthy communication is at an all-time high as social and political issues continue to be pushed to the forefront of our everyday lives. This divide over ideas and ideals does not exclude the church with so many interpretations of biblical teachings. Add in our individual backgrounds and history to shape personal perspective and things can get, well, kinda messy.

But that is the topic of discussion in this episode of Middle Ground, a popular video series from Jubilee Media which “seeks to show that we as humans are capable of being united and finding our shared experiences.”

Bringing together three “progressive” and three “conservative” Christians, the participants are given prompts to a variety of questions and asked to step forward if they agree. After some discussion on why those individuals agreed with the statement, the ones who disagreed are asked to join the circle for everyone to talk together.

Touching on political representation, LGBTQ+ rights, and whether or not Jesus would protest for the Black Lives Matter movement, it is easy to understand why the video has gone viral, already surpassing 1-million views at the time of writing.

Perhaps more impressive is the overall civility of the conversation, which gives room for both Scripture and personal testimony. Though there is plenty of disagreement, the format does allow both sides to speak their truth and come to a better understanding.

We have recently seen similar encouraging discourse firsthand in the comments of our “Making Sense of the U.S. Capitol Assault and the Christian Response” video.

Of course, we’d love to hear your thoughts about the Progressive Christians vs. Conservative Christians video as well. Send us a Tweet or leave us a comment on Facebook.

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