February 29, 2024

Invest Wisely

Donna hates waste! She hates wasting money on things that don’t work the way she wants them to. She hates wasting time standing in line or in traffic. She hates wasting food. But what would be exponentially worse, is wasting her life.

Kevann and Donna chat about how we can invest our lives in things that really matter instead of adopting the short term investment strategies of our culture. Learn direction as to what the Bible says about how to form and weigh your values so that your investment portfolios are weighted for the long-term.

This episode looks at the “isms” that sneak into our lives and affect our decision making:

  •    sensualism
  •    materialism
  •    egotism

Donna Carter

Donna is passionate about helping people find faith, teaching them to apply it to everyday life, and live with purpose.

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