February 28, 2024

Hope After Betrayal with Stacey Parker

Stacey is my friend in real life who is a source of encouragement and hope for me.  She is positive and hopeful and those really came in handy for her a couple years ago when some truths came to the light about her husband that changed everything.  Her story involves things many of us don’t know if we could ever endure but she shows us that with dependence on Christ, literally anything is possible.  You’re gonna love this chat.  I know I did!

What we chat about:

  • Defining your family’s culture
  • How to respond to warranted criticism from your children
  • The story of Stacey’s husband’s financial betrayal
  • Stacey’s walk through the healing and grieving process
  • How God has used her husband’s mistakes to change her

Links mentioned:

Stacey’s husband’s testimony
Ep. 92 – Sibling Conflict: From Bickering to Bonding with Jim and Lynne Jackson
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Ep. 70 – Rebuilding a Marriage after Betrayal with Lynn Cherry
Keep Walking: 40 Days To Hope And Freedom After Betrayal

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