September 10, 2021

Miscarriage, Bravery, and Making Mom Friends with Kristin Lemus

Kristin Lemus

Mom Struggling Well #21

So thankful to bring you some insight this week from my friend Kristin Lemus.  She’s a mom of 6 kids (plus 1 in heaven) who has learned the importance of facing lies head-on with a plan.  She’s passionate about helping moms be brave and seeing the importance of being the one to reach out to other moms instead of waiting for them to come to you.

what we chat about:

  • The journey through the grief of miscarriage.
  • How to make new mom friends after you move.
  • Taking thoughts captive and how you’ll hear the lies first.
  • The importance of prioritizing time with God even when you’re exhausted.

links mentioned:

Empty Arms Hope-Filled Heart ebook

Women at War by Jan Greenwood

Plan to Eat

Trim Healthy Mama

Mindy Mae’s Market

where to find kristin lemus:

blog // facebook // twitter // pinterest

strategies to struggle well:

  • Reach out to a friend each day this week.
  • Begin a binder full of Truth from God’s word to combat lies you believe.
  • Download Kristin’s book (link above).
  • If you’re feeling isolated, make a brave mom step and join a mom’s group in your area.
  • Maybe you’re in a well-established group of girls and you can reach out to the new mom and welcome her warmly.

share the struggle!

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