Lauren Pinkston Struggles with Self-Hate and 2 Vital Questions

Lauren Pinkston

Mom Struggling Well #29

Lauren Pinkston is a girl who is walking the delicate balance of absolute truth and overwhelming grace.  She is also a girl with a life so wildly interesting people wonder if it’s true!  Lauren and her family currently live in South East Asia and she works tirelessly to create jobs for women seeking safe work.  Her perspective on motherhood is unique and I can’t wait for you to hear it!

lauren pinkston and emily chat about:

  • the importance of loving people even when they continue to mess up
  • how to stop hating who you are
  • two amazing questions to decide what’s most important
  • the importance of Sabbath

links mentioned:

Velvet Ashes

Personality test for adults

Personality test for kids

where to find lauren:

blog // instagram // facebook

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