February 27, 2024

Strong and Broken All at Once with Lee Blum

Lee Blum is an author and Mental Health Practitioner whose story has become a testimony of how God can use the ugliest parts of your life and turn them into something beautiful. For much of her youth, Lee lived with deep depression and a life-threatening eating disorder. After being hospitalized, and by God’s grace, she made the decision to begin the brave journey to choose a different life – not a perfect life, but one defined by bravery, strength, and brokenness.

What we chat about:

  • Accepting that God’s plan for our lives is likely different than our own
  • Understanding the factors that can lead to eating disorders
  • A healthier way of speaking about food to our children
  • Building community through transparency
  • The struggle to see ourselves through God’s eyes

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Where to find Lee:

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