February 28, 2024

The Meaningful Mundane with Sara Hagerty

Sara Hagerty is a wife, mother, and writer – in that order. Like many of us, she grew up dreaming of being a mom. But after having her heart broken again and again by negative pregnancy tests, she accepted that God’s path for her life didn’t look much like what she had envisioned. Sara and her husband are now the adoptive parents of four African children, as well as two biological children. Her journey has led her not only to the family God has designed for her but into a closer relationship with Him and a search to see herself through His eyes.

What we chat about:

  • How social media feeds into our innate need to be seen and validated
  • Finding value in the mundane moments of your life
  • The importance of being vulnerable with God
  • What God truly thinks about us and why we have such a hard time believing it
  • Using brokenness as an antidote to shame
  • Practical ways to create margin time with your family

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Where to find Sara:

website // twitter // facebook // instagram // pinterest

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