Thinking Outside the Box with Elizabeth Quintal

Elizabeth Quintal spent over a decade working with homeless children before making the decision to stay at home full time with her “cheeky” son, to keep writing and styling on her blog Cheeky Days, and to start a subscription box business called Outside The Box.  Outside The Box is a subscription box by a family for families inspiring connection, creativity, and community. Elizabeth’s goal is to provide families a simple and meaningful way to give back to the community by delivering a curated box every month with a new theme always focused on sharing the value of dreaming big and giving back.

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What we chat about:

  • Elizabeth’s (then) upcoming move to Madrid and the motivation behind her life-altering decision
  • How working with homeless families taught her to love, show compassion, and stop judging others
  • The life-changing power of treating all people with love and understanding,regardless of status
  • Balancing truth and grace
  • Avoiding being overwhelmed through hope and faith
  • How Elizabeth’s passion for teaching kids kindness, empathy, diversity and building community inspired her business
  • The importance of having hard, honest conversations with our children
  • Putting an emphasis on teaching empathy and community rather than allowing society to fill in the blanks

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