Waiting on a Redemption Story with Dana Jones

Dana Jones is a wife and mother of two who is living her dream by using her talent as an artist to create encouraging hand-painted signs. Over the past fourteen years, Dana’s signs have evolved, using different kinds of materials and color palettes, as well as layouts and design concepts. She paints what’s going on inside her heart, which she says is often inspired by music, encouragement, and God’s grace story in her own life.

What we chat about:

  • How she’s encouraging women to embrace their “okayness”
  • Two things that can heal your marriage – trust in God and willingness to grow
  • The realization that God can make a redemption story for you, regardless of your spouse
  • Creating a space that allows failure and forgiveness
  • The power of helping your child find their passion and the importance of finding your own passion outside of your family
  • Advice about encouraging a positive self-image to our daughters

Where to find Dana:

website // instagram // facebook // pinterest

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