Life After Football with Nate Coehoorn

This week, Grey Cup Champ and former wide receiver of the Edmonton Eskimos, Nate Coehoorn.

Nate talks about:

  • how growing up in a small town becomes an eye opener in the big city.
  • how his foundation became to crumble as he stepped away from his faith.
  • his turn around in pursuing God over anything else.
  • his emotional reflection of people speaking the promises of God into his life.
  • meeting his wife and the birth of his daughter.
  • how Grace has become a big part of Nate’s story.

“Even in church people were judging me, people obviously in football judge me. I really understand the power of words. Cause I had people judging me and not even knowing my new character. But on the other hand, I had people speaking into my life, the promises of God, and the promises of the bible ‘”

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