Painting a Picture with Giselle Denis

Giselle Denis

We all have a talent of some kind, some of us just take longer to figure it out. Giselle Denis‘ talent is painting and she is incredible at it. She joins the podcast to discuss and dive into her life, her gift, and her way of expression.

Giselle Talks About:

  • Painting a picture
  • Struggle/hustle
  • Vulnerable
  • Giving back
  • Dubai
  • Family/support

“One hundred people could walk by, but it only takes one to notice and say, I like that, I could see it on my wall, here’s money.”

– Giselle Denis

Johnny & Hollie

Hollie Taylor is Faith Strong Today and JOY Radio's (CJYE, Toronto) Station Manager and host of 'Good Company' every weekday afternoon. Johnny Rocket hosts 'The Morning Spin' on Edmonton’s Shine-FM. Together they search for life's unscripted moments as part of the Why Me Project, a weekly podcast discussing incredible "Why Me?" moments with God.

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