Prison Ministry with Linda O’Dell

When you find a passion and a purpose, no matter where it is or what you are doing, you want to shout from the rooftops. Linda O’Dell unexpectedly found her passion while visiting a prison and she shares her heart and calling this week on Why Me Project.

Linda Talks About:

  • Death
  • Faith
  • Prison Ministry
  • Letters for the Lord
  • Author/Writings

“The very first day I walked through the prison gates to visit our family member, I knew I was supposed to be there. Most people try to get out, but I know God wanted me there”.

– Linda O’Dell

Johnny & Hollie

Hosts of The Morning Spin on Edmonton’s Shine-FM, Johnny Rocket and Hollie Taylor search for life's unscripted moments as part of the Why Me Project, a weekly podcast discussing incredible "Why Me?" moments with God.

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