The Role of a Sports Chaplain with Lorne Korol

Joining the Why Me Project this week is Lorne Korol, a chaplain for the Winnipeg Jets and Blue Bombers. What does a chaplain do? What role does faith play in sports? Do you or can you pray for a win? Dive deep into these questions and hear his journey in this episode of the podcast.

Lorne Talks About:

  • Rom109
  • Role of a chaplain
  • Faith (Football/hockey/baseball)
  • Depression
  • Blaze a trail
  • Why Me
  • Quick question

“When things happen to us, we kinda wanna go, God, why are you doing this? Then you look back and see, I needed to go through that to develop me into the person I am today”.

– Lorne Korol

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Hosts of The Morning Spin on Edmonton’s Shine-FM, Johnny Rocket and Hollie Taylor search for life's unscripted moments as part of the Why Me Project, a weekly podcast discussing incredible "Why Me?" moments with God.

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