February 29, 2024

Eileen Henderson Wikis Faith and Restorative Justice For Sexual Offences


WikiGod #44

This week we are wikiing God with Eileen Henderson of Circles of Support and Accountability Canada, a program for men and women who have committed serious sexual offences. Though certainly a sensitive topic, Mark Groleau sits down with Eileen to better understand this behaviour. More importantly, how we as Jesus-followers should respond to those often seen with only fear and anger.

Eileen Henderson and Mark Talk About…

  • her early life in Guelph and her first encounter with a correctional facility
  • how her passion for restorative justice was ignited
  • the story of Charlie Taylor and Harry Nigh
  • what it’s like for someone convicted of sexual offences to be released into the community
  • the groups of volunteers and how they became Circles of Support and Accountability
  • how the organization approaches (re)eoffenders from an addiction perspective
  • what the support of the volunteers practically looks like out of that model
  • why behaviour does not occur in a vacuum and is often the products of an unhealthy environment
  • how opportunity and friendship reduce one’s risk to reoffend
  • advice on how we might respond to an ex-offender in the neighbourhood

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