November 22, 2023

Eryn-Faye Frans offers Biblical Building Blocks For Intimacy

Eryn-Faye Frans

WikiGod #34

This week we are wikiing God with Canada’s Passion Coach, Eryn-Faye Frans. She is a speaker and an author who has changed the lives of thousands of couples. Eryn-Faye’s groundbreaking book, The Essential Elements of Sex, gives couples the biblical building blocks necessary to make their marriages grow and thrive throughout the decades together.

Eryn-Faye Frans talks with Mark about…

  • how the church needs to model Jesus in being the place where our vulnerabilities are central
  • difficulty in finding emotional support in the church
  • why it inspired her to be a support for others and to use bedroom toys as a way into people’s lives and stories
  • her insights on our stigmas and responses around sex
  • the “three c’s” of relationship and the many myths around sex in our culture
  • why are bodies are designed by a God who desires pleasure for us
  • Ontario’s new sex ed curriculum and how best to talk to our children about sex and their bodies

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