Orijin wikis Hip Hop, Deeper Truths, and Listening For God


WikiGod #41

This week we are wikiing God with Jordan Heywood, aka hip hop artist Orijin. Known for his thought-provoking lyrics on faith, identity, and life, this Toronto-based emcee wants to turn helplessness into action. He believes art can teach us deeper truths on the human experience, and that God is speaking everywhere in the world – we just gotta listen. Jordan sits down with Mark to discuss all of this and more on the WikiGod Podcast.

Orijin and Mark Talk About…

  • the most influential people in his life and what led to his work with Yonge Street Mission Evergreen
  • hearing Taleb Kweli for the first time and how it blew open his world
  • nuances of the medium and the line between artist and character in the stories of hip hop lyrics
  • what we can learn from dark art and what it is to live well
  • his history from basement gigs to being tapped by Shad to producing a record
  • the process of writing and what inspires him
  • the positive message he gets out there and the trouble with “categorizing” rap
  • how he wants to spur change in his listeners

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Check out Orijin’s latest single:

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