February 29, 2024

Rev. Colin McCartney wikis Mentoring Youth and Brokering Hope

Rev. Colin McCartney of Connect Leadership Ministries

WikiGod #38

This week we are wikiing God with Rev. Colin McCartney of Connect Leadership Ministries. Colin is also the founder of Urban Promise Toronto and author of Red Letter Revolution and The Beautiful Disappointment. He brings a wealth of knowledge to the podcast, especially in regards to mentoring youth, the challenges of living below the poverty line, and being a “broker of hope.” So Mark sits down with Colin to chat about all of that, and find out how we can help give our neighbours a better place to land.

Colin McCartney and Mark Talk About…

  • growing up in Montreal and his early influences towards social justice
  • the positives of a conservative upbringing
  • how he landed in a youth group and early events that catalyzed Colin’s heart to provide friends and mentors for kids and young people
  • social dynamics in low-income and government housing
  • the media’s negative portrayals of our neighbours below the poverty line
  • the challenges of a generation born into grinding poverty
  • being called to be a “broker of hope” and to call forward a community of hope brokers
  • what Urban Promise is all about and how it grew
  • how the stories shared in his books formed him, impacted the city, and directed his trajectory
  • giving youth a goal to aspire to and a way to unleash their unique gifts and passions on their neighbourhoods

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