November 22, 2023

Dr. Ron Kydd wikis A Fresh Look at the Christian Story

Dr. Ron Kydd

WikiGod #42

This week we are wikiing God with Dr. Ron Kydd, Associate Professor of Church History at Tyndale Seminary. Ron is also an author of several book including Finding Pieces of the Puzzlewhich is a sweeping overview of the story of Christianity that takes the reader to parts of the world seldom visited. That sort of dialogue is what you can expect in his conversation with Mark Groleau, as they look at his own personal journey and how our past can help us reflect on the future.

Dr. Ron Kydd and Mark Talk About…

  • his early years growing up in Winnipeg
  • how he sensed a conviction around God from a young age
  • what drew him to serve in the Pentecostal tradition as a teenager
  • early influences that attracted him to scholarship
  • challenges he faced asking some of the questions he was asking
  • how he published books on healing and the charismatic gifts from a very personal place
  • why he gravitated towards the academy (much to his own surprise) and the doors that opened for him
  • feeling troubled by some of the things he was seeing and feeling in the Pentecostal tribe
  • why he moved towards Anglicanism with some angst and trepidation
  • the richness and art of the liturgy
  • his book, why history is important, and how it can help our future

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