February 29, 2024

Jake Aikenhead of Salvation Army Gateway Shares a Life of Service

Jake Aikenhead of Salvation Army Gateway shares a life of service on 'WikiGod'

This week we are wikiing God with Jake Aikenhead, Director of Toronto’s Salvation Army Gateway. The Gateway is a drop-in space and shelter helping to build a community in Christ. Jake sits down with Mark to discuss his life and work, as well as what helps him discover God in new and fresher ways, which in turn compels him to a life of service. Most importantly, he shares about the men who find themselves needing shelter at the Gateway and the people who serve them by volunteering there.

What’s On Episode 30:

  • Jake’s upbringing in Toronto
  • what compelled him to pursue philosophy, theology, and frontline support work
  • why Jesus-following can be overly cerebral
  • how different traditions and ideas lead to healthy questions
  • poverty issues in Toronto and what city shelters and the church can learn from each other
  • what it means to be “the hand of God in the heart of the city”

About WikiGod

Mark Groleau sits down with fellow Jesus-followers, sharing their beliefs and stories to “wiki” a better understanding of God. This is where theology and faith collide to help each other grow and shape a more compelling God for everyone.


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