November 22, 2023

Embracing Language and Theology with Dr. Cyril Guerette

Dr. Cyril Guerette embraces language and theology on 'WikiGod'

WikiGod Episode #31

This week we are wikiing God with Dr. Cyril Guerette, a professor at Heritage Seminary. At the time of the interview he was the pastor at FreeChurch Toronto, but has since stepped into the role as Lead Pastor at Forestview Church. Cyril holds a PhD from the University of St. Michael’s College, as well as a M.Phil from the University of Cambridge. But Cyril also goes by the name ILL SEER, combining his love of language and theology to create inspired hip hop to speak his mind. His conversation with Mark touches on all of this as they talk about philosophy and theology as poetry and the relationship between faith and reason.

Dr. Cyril Guerette Discusses:

  • growing up in Sarnia and falling in love with language and theology
  • the “come to Jesus” moment
  • his time at Cambridge University in England
  • the influences on his spirituality and theology there
  • prophetic words in hip-hop and the importance of semiology
  • when and how art might imitate life and life might imitate art
  • having certainty and confidence in your calling
  • how the church can be better curators and witnesses to beauty in God’s activity and in the world

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Mark Groleau sits down with fellow Jesus-followers, sharing their beliefs and stories to “wiki” a better understanding of God. This is where theology and faith collide to help each other grow and shape a more compelling God for everyone.


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