November 22, 2023

Graham Singh Brings Vitality Through Church Work

Rev. Graham Singh

Making Faith Our Own…

This week we are wikiing God with Rev. Graham Singh, a church planter and minister at St. James in Montreal. But at the time of this interview, Graham was the pastor at Lakeside Downtown in Guelph where he grew up. There are lots of great insights weaved into Graham’s story, especially on the decline of denominations in Canada. Mark and Graham also discuss how we might bring life into old church buildings and how to bring vitality into lives and neighbourhoods through church work. 

What’s on Episode 28:

  • different models of Christian gatherings 
  • contrasting models of social support
  • how Lakeside Church stepped out from Guelph’s suburbs and into the downtown core through a very intentional vision
  • coming to Lakeside from England through friendship
  • it’s progressive vision by a suburban church
  • how churches can be key partners in developing social infrastructure 
  • how Graham made his faith his own
  • what questions people are bringing to church  
  • the importance of a theology of embrace 

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