October 3, 2022

Lynne Hartke’s Story of Cancer and Faith in the Hardest Places

“Why did you bring me out to the desert to die?” is just the start of Lynne Hartke’s journey. Under the Desert Sky is her powerful testimony about redefining hope and beauty. You won’t want to miss this episode as she tells all about her battles with cancer and how God manifests Himself in the darkest of times.

Lynne talks about:

  • her background, early life, and getting into ministry
  • moving to the desert and pastoring with her husband
  • being diagnosed and how cancer stole her words
  • both her parents being diagnosed with cancer as well
  • the “whys” of life and what she never got answered
  • how God manifests Himself with compassion and power
  • getting through each day during such a difficult time
  • her hope for those reading ‘Under a Desert Sky’
  • good advice for those supporting someone with cancer
  • how she feels today and her next chapter

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