February 29, 2024

Christian Music Playlists to Listen to on Spotify

No matter what we’re going through, positive music can make a difference to our mindset. By choosing to listen to inspired and uplifting lyrics written by Christian artists, we are filling our minds with words of affirmation and faith. These faith-fuelled playlists span genres and decades but are united with their focus on worshipping Jesus Christ.

Contemporary Christian Music

For Jesus-focused inspirational music, look no further than these Christian chart-topper playlists. There’s something for every worshipper here and features the best new Christian music.

Christian & Quarantined

  • Curated by: SOZO Playlists
  • Tracks: 69 songs
  • Featured artists: Rand Collective, Chris Renzema, Gene Moore
  • Description: All of your favorite Christian tunes to keep you company during quarantine

Joy Top 20 Weekly Countdown

  • Curated by: JOY Radio (CJYE)
  • Tracks: 20 songs
  • Types of artists: Tauren Wells, Lauren Daigle, Elevation Worship, Social Club Misfits, Colton Dixon
  • Description: Updated weekly with votes by Toronto’s listeners, heard Saturdays at 5:00 PM (ET).

Sing A New Song

  • Curated by: Spotify
  • Tracks: 100 songs
  • Featured artists: Matthew West, River Valley Worship, Mosaic MSC
  • Description: Find what’s fresh & buzzing in Christian & Gospel music right here each week!

Thinking Like a Boss Faith Fuel

  • Curated by: kate.crocco
  • Tracks: 24 songs
  • Featured artists: Amanda Lindsey Cook, The Belonging Co, UPPERROOM
  • Description: Author and mindset coach Kate Crocco created this playlist to accompany her new book, Thinking Like a Boss

Top Christian Contemporary

  • Curated by: Spotify
  • Tracks: 80 songs
  • Featured artists: Tasha Layton, Danny Gokey, Tenth Avenue North
  • Description: Tune in here for new and current hits in Contemporary Christian music!


Whether you’re looking for motivation to move your body or clean music to keep the energy up, these dance-focused playlists will deliver.

Christian Dance Party

  • Curated by: Spotify
  • Tracks: 75 songs
  • Featured Artists: SEU Worship, Youngheart, Colton Dixon
  • Description: The ultimate mix of EDM, pop Worship and remixes! Discover tunes from artists defining the sound of now and tomorrow!

Christian EDM (Christian Dance Party)

  • Curated by: Sarah Fernando-Bonus
  • Tracks: 532 songs
  • Featured artists: We Are Leo, Switch, Dillon Chase
  • Description: 500 party beats from EDM, pop, hip-hop and R&B contemporary Christian artists. New songs added weekly!

Christian Pop Vibes 2020 (UPDATED WEEKLY)

  • Curated by: massanthem
  • Tracks: 48 songs
  • Featured artists: Jon Bellion, Dupree, Landry Cantrell    
  • Description: Monthly updated playlist of the best in Christian music right now, including for King & Country, Lauren Daigle, and more!

Christian Workout Mix

  • Curated by: Capitol Christian Music Group
  • Tracks: 40 songs
  • Featured artists: Toby Mac, Riley Clemmons, Social Club Misfits
  • Description: Grab your headphones and hit the ground running with your favorite mix of high energy tracks!


There are many Christian artists waiting to be discovered. These folk and indie playlists are a great place to find new favourite bands.

Alternative Christian

  • Curated by: Jayme Corsino
  • Tracks: 129 songs
  • Featured artists: Seeker & Servant, Starfield, The Royal Royal
  • Description: Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. A little bit of indie, folk, rock, electropop and the power of the Lord

Christian Folk/Indie

  • Curated by: Kevin Hou
  • Tracks: 166 songs
  • Featured artists: Burlap To Cashmere, Citizens, The Dispatch
  • Description: Traditional folk and inspirational indie music performed by artists with Christian values

Christian Folk (Top 40)

  • Curated by: Josiah Jorgensen
  • Tracks: 40 songs
  • Featured artists: Tow’rs, Daniel Dorman, Judah & the Lion
  • Description: The 40 best songs in Christian Folk music

Indie Christian

  • Curated by: VERTICAL Playlists
  • Tracks: 60 songs
  • Featured artists: Citizens, Jonathan Ogden, Rivers & Robots
  • Description: Progressive, authentic, indie sounds mixed with faith, hope, and love

Hip Hop/Rap

For edifying lyrics with a satisfying rhythm, these playlists highlight some of the best Christian hip hop and rap artists in the business.

Joy Radio Hip Hop Playlist

  • Curated by: LSTNFND
  • Tracks: 17 songs
  • Featured artists: Derek Minor, Orijin, Lecrae, Sho Baraka, NF, Fresh IE, Eternia, Shad, Jon Corbin
  • Description: Collaborative playlist by Joy Radio (CJYE) in Toronto and LSTNFND music label.

Christian Rap

  • Curated by: Jacob Buchanan
  • Tracks: 100 songs
  • Featured artists: Lecrae, Andy Mineo, Zaytoven
  • Description: Featuring popular Christian hip hop artists like Ty Brasel, Joey Vantes and KB

The Quintessential Orijin

  • Curated by: LSTNFND
  • Tracks: 17 songs
  • Featured artists: Orijin
  • Description: Jam out to original music by our own Faith Strong Today Correspondent Orijin!


There are many child-approved worship songs available and these playlists have put them together for hours of enjoyment.

Christian Kids Music

  • Curated by: Spotify
  • Tracks: 45 songs
  • Featured artists: KitdzTown Kids, Kids Praise Co., Capitol Kids!
  • Description: Get your kids singing with this Christian Kids playlist

Christian Lullaby

  • Curated by: Becca Brave
  • Tracks: 606 songs
  • Featured artists: The Praise Baby Collection, Mark Baldwin, Worship Ensemble
  • Description: These soothing hymns and spirituals make wonderful songs to play for your baby

Kids Christian Music

  • Curated by: Desiree Manny Martinez
  • Tracks: 804 songs
  • Featured artists: Hillsong Kids, VeggieTales
  • Description: Through fun and meaningful music, these songs teach kids about Jesus

Music for Contemplation

Whether you prefer relaxing instrumental jazz, traditional hymns or soothing piano worship, there are many options for contemplative music to restore your soul and settle your mind.

Acapella Christian Songs

  • Curated by: bariajm04
  • Tracks: 94 songs
  • Featured artists: Keith Lancaster, Hallal Music, The ZOE Group
  • Description: Featuring vocalists who sing in a cappella style without instrumental accompaniment

Christian Acapella Music

  • Curated by: profimusic
  • Tracks: 77 songs
  • Featured artists: Selah, Voice Of Lee, Anthem Lights
  • Description: If you like „Worship Music“ you should also follow our playlist „Best New Worship Music“. Updated weekly

Christian Acoustic

  • Curated by: David Gerlach
  • Tracks: 149 songs
  • Featured artists: Steffany Gretzinger, John Mark McMillan, Jess Ray
  • Description: These Christian songs are accompanied by acoustic guitars

Christian Acoustic

  • Curated by: NelSonic 99
  • Tracks: 75 songs
  • Featured artists: Lauren Daigle, MercyMe, Elevation Worship
  • Description: A collection of Christian songs, all arranged and performed acoustically

Christian Hymns Traditional

  • Curated by: ritchie.family
  • Tracks: 112 songs
  • Featured artists: Chris Rice, Joey + Rory, Alan Jackson
  • Description: Spirituals and hymns have a special way of ministering to your heart while giving you faith and hope

Christian Instrumentals/Meditation

  • Curated by: Chris Hiltz
  • Tracks: 125 songs
  • Featured artists: New Life Worship, Bethel Music, David Tolk
  • Description: Allow this calming music to complement your prayers and reflections of your faith

Christian Jazz Instrumental

  • Curated by: Manny Yun
  • Tracks: 37 songs
  • Featured artist: Sam Levine
  • Description: All this relaxing instrumental jazz to inspire your heart and mind as you enjoy these familiar Christian songs

Christian Piano Instrumental

  • Curated by: Kevin Wilder
  • Tracks: 104 songs
  • Featured artists: Wade McNutt, The O’Neil Brothers Group, Mezzo Piano
  • Description: Enjoy these familiar Christian worship songs performed with piano


While many of the featured artists in these playlists also appear on the contemporary charts, these playlists highlight the best of alternative, industrial and metal rock.

Christian Metalcore

  • Curated by: Jeff Scott
  • Tracks: 523 songs
  • Featured artists: For All Eternity, Demon Hunter, Fit For A King
  • Description: Jesus metal defined by its message

Top Christian Rock

  • Curated by: Spotify
  • Tracks: 50 songs
  • Featured artists: War Of Ages, Futur, Thousand Foot Krutch
  • Description: Crank up the recent hits of Christian rock


While new music has its place, there is always room for throwback nostalgia. These playlists highlight the most popular sounds of our Christian music history.

90’s Christian Hits

  • Curated by: Maranatha! Music
  • Tracks: 56 songs
  • Featured artists: Avalon, DC Talk, Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Description: Did you grow up listening to Christian Radio? Here are the hits from the 90’s and 2000’s that will forever be engrained into our heads!

Early 2000’s Christian Music

  • Curated by: curlyhorsefreak
  • Tracks: 31 songs
  • Featured artists: David Crowder Band, Newsboys, Nichole Nordeman
  • Description: Enjoy these popular Christian worship songs from the early 2000s

Top Christian presents Best Christian & Gospel Songs of the 2010s

  • Curated by: Spotify
  • Tracks: 100 songs
  • Featured artists: Lauren Daigle, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman
  • Description: Spotify music editors’ choice for the best Christian & Gospel songs of the past decade

Top Christian presents Best Christian & Gospel Songs of 2019

  • Curated by: Spotify
  • Tracks: 50 songs
  • Featured artists: Cody Carnes, Kanye West, for KING & COUNTRY
  • Description: Spotify music editors’ choice for the best Christian & Gospel songs of the year

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