February 27, 2024

Faith Strong Today’s Top 10 Podcast Episodes in 2019

As we race towards a new decade it’s only natural to look back at our accomplishments from the past year. Faith Strong Today is proud of staying true to our mandate of exploring faith and Christianity within modern culture and we’re thrilled with the great programming our podcast hosts have delivered.

In 2019, our shows were motivational and inspiring and included everything from producing stories that matter and making life better for someone else to fabulous interviews with worship leaders like Lincoln Brewster and Jon Bauer.

With all of this fantastic content to go through, you may have missed an episode here or there.

Here’s a roundup of our top podcast episodes in 2019. While not all of them were published this year, these episodes received the most streams and downloads so we know they’re rock solid. Take a bit of time and get caught up so you’re ready for even more great content in 2020.

Faith Strong Today’s Top 10 Podcast Episodes in 2019

Carrie Doll

The Power of Storytelling with Carrie Doll | Why Me Project

Journalist Carrie Doll chats with Johnny and Hollie about authenticity, life changes, and helping people discover the power of story and voice. As a television news journalist for over 20 years, Carrie uses her talents and skills now as a professional emcee, podcast host, and executive public speaking coach. They discuss her own journey becoming a television news journalist, getting into public speaking, and her “Why Me?” moments.

McKenna Hydrick

Food Allergies and Chronic Illness with McKenna Hydrick | Why Me Project

McKenna Hydrick shares her “Why Me?” story with Johnny and Hollie and it is filled with heartache, passion, determination, and love. They talk about her journey and how her family has managed multiple food allergies, coped with chronic illness, and endured almost 40 surgical procedures between all her children.

Josh Baldwin

Spontaneous Worship with Bethel Music’s Josh Baldwin | Between The Grooves

James and Drew get Between The Grooves with Josh Baldwin, a songwriter and worship leader with Bethel Church and Bethel Music.  We chat about Josh’s upbringing as a pastor’s kid, how he got involved with Bethel Music, and why spontaneous worship is such a powerful way to connect with God.

Elizabeth Smith’s Story of Finding Hope and Courage | Your Story with Melinda

As a younger woman, Elizabeth Smith has found success in modelling and beauty pageants. Despite that, she responded to God’s call and left that career behind to become a nurse practitioner. On this episode of Your Story with Melinda, you will learn from her on how we can live a life that God set before us with courage and hope.

Good Company Round Table | Good Company

For the first time ever—Hollie Taylor, Johnny Rocket, and Orijin—host a long-form, round-table discussion from the Faith Strong Today studios! We talk about the rise of Christianity in pop culture, how the church contributes to a sense of community; and we invited you, the listener, to join us in the discussion.

A Chain of Events with Linda Cho | Why Me Project

We aren’t all dealt the same hand in life. Some have it easy, while others find it difficult. Linda Cho continued to hit obstacle after obstacle, but she has come out of it with a different perspective and a “Why Me?” story to share.

Women’s Health with Andrea Donsky | The Sweet Spot

In this episode, Diane chats with nutritionist Andrea Donsky. She is the founder of Naturally Savvy (an incredible resource for healthy living), as well as an international TV health expert and best-selling author. Diane and Andrea dive into women’s health and discuss ways women of all ages can find their “sweet spot” by eating right.

Grow on the Go

What Your Heart is Sighing For | Grow on the Go

Author Deanna Oelke explores with Donna the arena of the prophetic in this episode of the podcast. They discuss how experiencing a prophetic community wrecked her for ordinary fellowship and how God led her to pioneer prophetic teaching in churches where you wouldn’t expect to find it. They also talk about why having others in our lives who are operating in the prophetic realm is so important to living an exciting Christian life.

Nichole Nordeman

Cynicism and Grace with Nichole Nordeman | Between The Grooves

Singer-songwriter Nichole Nordeman chats with James and Drew about getting started in music, being critical in your faith, speaking your mind and dealing with labels. They also talk about how music can open hearts and soften ideas to others, facing criticism on social media, and music then and now. Before that, Drew is again flying solo (and turning into Ron Burgundy) for your new releases and music news. Plus, Caitie Hurst shares her “Artist Advice” about seeing people how Jesus sees them.

God Created Us for an Intimate Relationship with Himself | Sincerely Yours

In all good love stories, there must come a moment when love is ultimately accepted or rejected. When it comes to a relationship with God, it’s up to each of us to determine that moment. Learn why God is the “Patient Pursuer” and why he won’t wait forever in this Sincerely Yours devotional podcast.

Thank you for listening to Faith Strong Today podcasts this year. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you in 2020. If you have a favourite podcast episode that wasn’t listed, let us know on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll make sure it gets some love.

Happy New Year!

Robyn Roste

Robyn Roste is a professional writer with blogging, marketing and tourism experience. She also has a bachelor of journalism and diplomas in media and communications and biblical studies.

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