February 27, 2024

Lecrae Goes To Prison… to Remind Inmates About God’s Love

Earlier this spring, Lecrae and other members of the 116 Clique visited Carol S. Vance Unit prison in Richmond, Texas. They spent a day behind bars and heard real-life stories of struggle and hope. The video short was released on April 19, 2019, as part of Prison Fellowship’s #GoesToPrison series.

“A lot of times when people commit shameful acts we throw them away. And God never does that,” Lecrae said in the video. “If God threw away people who committed shameful acts David wouldn’t be here. Moses wouldn’t be here… The list goes on and on. I wouldn’t be here.”

Lecrae, a hip hop recording artist and a Christian, has wrestled with his faith and experienced abuse, drugs, violence and promiscuity. With authenticity at the centre of his music, Lecrae’s work highlights a particular sensitivity to the disenfranchised.

King David’s shameful acts were documented in 2 Samuel 11 and 12. In this narrative, David commits adultery with another man’s wife. When she becomes pregnant, David creates a situation where her husband is sent to the front lines in battle where he is killed. In time, David confesses his sin and is forgiven, but he still must face the tragic consequences of his actions.

In Numbers 20, we’re told about the great leader Moses disobeying God’s instructions and acting from a place of frustration and anger. While it may seem like a small disobedience to us readers—with Moses striking a rock with his staff while yelling sarcastic remarks at the Israelites rather than he and his brother Aaron speaking to the rock in front of the community—his sin cost him entrance into the Promised Land.

About Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship is an American non-profit is a leading advocate for justice reform, seeking to share the real, living hope of the Gospel with people who long for its power to make them new. They serve prisoners, former prisoners and their families and believe real restoration begins by addressing the cycle of crime on all fronts—in prison and out—and engaging in a cycle of renewal. 

Each day, staff and volunteers from Prison Fellowship are in hundreds of correctional facilities sharing the Gospel, spreading hope and teaching classes. They introduce incarcerated men and women to a new future in Christ and nurture their spiritual growth with Bible studies and discipleship courses.

Because they believe everyone is God’s creation and has inherent dignity, their approach to justice reform refocuses on the worth of those impacted by crime. They advocate for a system that provides transformative accountability, validates victims and makes communities safer. Learn more about the organization at prisonfellowship.org.

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