February 29, 2024

Watch Elias Dummer Perform Live Version of “1914 (Christmas Truce)”

Musician and solo artist Elias Dummer performed a live acoustic version of his new song, “1914 (Christmas Truce),” as part of Joy Radio’s Soundcheck Friday series.

On December 4, the Hamilton, Ontario native gave an exclusive performance to Joy Radio, the only Canadian Christian radio station serving Toronto and surrounding areas. After greeting listeners, he wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year before launching into his new single.

“I think about it every year…”

“On December 25, 1914, in WWI, enemies left their trenches behind to remember hope together in no-man’s-land in what’s known as the ‘Christmas Truce of 1914,’” Dummer wrote about the song. “I think about it every year, but especially now. For long ago, angels announced that Jesus’ arrival heralds peace and goodwill on earth. Maybe we Christians ought to mimic the angels and those soldiers alike, singing into division: ‘Peace on earth, the Lord has come.’”

The studio version of “1914 (Christmas Truce)” was announced on Dummer’s official website and released to streaming services on November 27, 2020.

Solo Career

From 2009 through 2017, the Canadian-born musician was a founding member of the contemporary Christian band, The City Harmonic. When they disbanded in 2017, Dummer relocated to Tennessee with his wife and five children.

In 2019, Dummer opened up about why the band ended on Between the Grooves, a Faith Strong Today original podcast about music and ministry.

He also released a solo album titled The Work Vol. 1, which featured the Billboard hit single “Enough.”

Home for the Holidays with Joy Radio

The Soundcheck Friday series is part Joy Radio’s Home for the Holidays initiative in December, connecting with listeners through special Christmas music and Bible-teaching programs. From November 23 through Christmas, listeners have a chance to win a daily gift from Joy Radio’s giant Christmas stocking.

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