November 25, 2023

WikiGod #21: Dr. Helen Noh

Helen addresses some of the stigma around receiving counseling and how to mitigate it, discusses how the goal of counseling is not just self-discovery but also forgiveness and healing, and shares how she integrates theology and psychology in her teaching and practice.

WikiGod #19: Donald Goertz

This week we are wikiing God with Donald Goertz. Donald was a pastor in Toronto for many years and is now Associate Professor of Church History at Tyndale Seminary and the Director of Tyndale Seminary's In-Ministry MDiv Program.

WikiGod #18: Eva Wong

Mark Groleau talks with Eva Wong, co-founder of Toronto Homecoming and Borrowell, about "ministry" and how that work can be seen outside the church setting.

WikiGod #17: Ryan Sim

This week we are wikiing God with Ryan Sim, Anglican minister at Redeemer Church in Ajax. He’s the creator of an online curriculum called Redeem the Commute and founder of a gathering called The Family Room.

WikiGod #16: Dr. Jerry Martin

Mark and Jerry talk about hearing from God, the creation of the world and the origin of God, what God is like, how the world religions have a place for each other, and so much more.

WikiGod #14: Kevin Makins

This week, we are wikiing God with Kevin Makins. Kevin is the minister at Eucharist Church, a growing, exciting gathering of people being and doing church in Hamilton, Ontario. Kevin is a creative, innovative speaker who created a podcast and his Holy Shift Tour in 2015. Mark and Kevin...

WikiGod #14: Dr. Sean Davidson

Sean is Pastor of Discipleship and Small Groups at St. Paul Bloor St. Anglican downtown Toronto, and so he’s all about asking about and working towards how Christians can live the life that Jesus promised now.

WikiGod #13: Scott Moore

Today we are wikiing God with Scott Moore. Scott is the Executive Director of Youth Unlimited GTA – formerly called Youth For Christ. Scott talks with Mark about the name change, the history and mandate of Youth Unlimited, his concerns of urban and suburban youth and their families...

WikiGod #12: Dr. Sarah Patterson

This week we are wikiing God with Dr. Sarah Patterson. Sarah has worn many hats in leadership from being a missionary to a journalist to a pastor, and currently, she is a certified spiritual director.

WikiGod #11: Steve Authier

This week we are wikiing God with Steve Authier. Steve is a former minister with BIC Canada, and he currently blogs and writes fiction. His theology is from the Anabaptist perspective, so Steve and Mark talk about neighbouring as bringing good news in the 21st century, the problem with...

WikiGod #10: Eric Frans

This week we are wikiing God with Eric Frans. Eric is a Certified Fund Raising Executive and, when he and Mark recorded this conversation, he was Director of Philanthropy at World Relief Canada - now he’s Vice President (Vision Partners) at World Vision Canada - both incredible and...

WikiGod #9: Dr. John Neufeld

This week we are wikiing God with Dr. John Neufeld. John served as a pastor for over 30 years and recently joined the Back to the Bible Canada team in the role of their primary Bible teacher. John shares about his early roots and influences in Pentecostalism, and how his discovery of...

WikiGod #8: Alice Vander Vennen

This week, Mark is wikiing God with Alice Vander Vennen. Alice talks about how she creates art, why found objects speak to her, and what inspires her ideas. Reflecting on God, Alice shares on the divine aspect of art, the importance of art in being human, and what the church needs to be...

WikiGod #7: Dr. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast

Today we are wikiing God with Dr. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast. He’s Associate Academic Dean at Tyndale Seminary and an ordained minister in the Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada. Arnold and Mark talk about his family’s historical Mennonite roots, peace and political engagement, the regional...

WikiGod #6: Dr. Rick Tobias

This week, we are wikiing God with Dr. Rick Tobias - formerly the CEO of Yonge Street Mission now in the role of YSM’s Community Advocate. He’s an activist, professor, and Toronto’s premier voice on poverty and homelessness with a 30-year history of serving the city’s poor. Mark and Rick...

Dr. John Suk

WikiGod #5: Dr. John Suk

This week, we are wikiing God with Dr. John Suk, who is currently the pastor of Lawrence Park Community Church. John is also a prolific blogger and author of a book called Not Sure: A Pastor’s Journey from Faith to Doubt. It chronicles the story of how he went from being the senior editor...

WikiGod #4: Gene Tempelmeyer

Gene Tempelmeyer is currently the pastor of Spring Garden Church and an artist whose work can be found at shows and galleries all over Toronto, most recently featured as part of The Artist Project. Gene is someone who genuinely endeavours to understand and empower the ideas and gifts of...

WikiGod #3: Dr. Carolyn Weber

This week, we are wikiing God with Dr. Carolyn Weber. Carolyn is the award-winning author of Surprised By Oxford, Holy Is The Day, and Home Going: Poetry for a Season, as well as a professor and speaker who regularly appears in media. Carolyn and Mark have a great conversation about her...

WikiGod #2: Greg Paul

This week, we are wikiing God with Greg Paul. Greg is founder and pastor of the community at Sanctuary Toronto right in the heart of downtown, and he's also the author of 4 books - The Twenty-Piece Shuffle, God in the Alley, Close Enough to Hear God Breathe, and Simply Open.

Tim Day

WikiGod #1: Tim Day

This week, we are wikiing God with Tim Day. For a decade and a half, Tim was Senior Pastor at The Meeting House, and he’s the author of God Enters Stage Left, "a creative retelling of God’s story." Tim is currently giving leadership to a new vision called “City Movement” supported by BIC...

Get to Know: Mark Groleau of WikiGod

Continuing where she left off yesterday, Melinda Estabrooks welcomes another Faith Strong podcast host, Mark Groleau of WikiGod, to talk about his involvement with Faith Strong Today and what listeners can expect from him and his guests every Wednesday. Learn how Mark started his podcast...


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