September 29, 2022
Robbery, Refugees, and the Best Library Ever with Jenny Mullins

Robbery, Refugees, and the Best Library Ever with Jenny Mullins

My friend Jenny Mullins is a source of wisdom and encouragement to me personally. She has experience living overseas which has given her a great deal of compassion for refugees and she has worked tirelessly with her daughter who has autism. Her gentle patient spirit is amazing to me and I...

Kristin Lemus

Miscarriage, Bravery, and Making Mom Friends with Kristin Lemus

So thankful to bring you some insight this week from my friend Kristin. She's a mom of 6 kids (plus 1 in heaven) who has learned the importance of facing lies head-on with a plan. She's passionate about helping moms be brave and seeing the importance of being the one to reach out to other...

Candice Castillo

Perseverance From A Mom In The Middle with Candice Castillo

Candice Castillo is the spunky southern California artist behind HEart by CC. She is a wife and the mom of 3 boys too! She is a girl whose message of freedom and acceptance has been hard-won through many years of overcoming obstacles. You're gonna love this conversation!

Katie Orr

The Grief Room and The Anger Train with Katie Orr

My friend Katie Orr is a girl who is passionate about teaching people how to read and understand God's word. She recently wrote some Bible studies you need to hear about. They can take as little as 15 minutes to complete and are accessible even if you don't know a blessed thing about the...


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