November 22, 2023
Dr. Marion Taylor

Dr. Marion Taylor Discusses How We Interpret the Bible

This week we are wikiing God with Dr. Marion Taylor, Professor of Old Testament of Wycliffe College. She is also the author and editor of The Handbook of Women Interpreters. It is a great reference tool highlighting female interpreters of the Bible. Marion’s interests in the Old Testament...

Eryn-Faye Frans

Eryn-Faye Frans offers Biblical Building Blocks For Intimacy

This week we are wikiing God with Canada's Passion Coach, Eryn-Faye Frans. She is a speaker and an author who has changed the lives of thousands of couples. Eryn-Faye's groundbreaking book, The Essential Elements of Sex, gives couples the biblical building blocks necessary to make their...

Dr. Ian Scott

Church Traditions and Fresh New Ideas with Dr. Ian Scott

This week we are wikiing God with Dr. Ian Scott, Associate Professor of New Testament at Tyndale Seminary. His research interests include the letters of Paul, ways of knowing (epistemology) in the biblical tradition, and the early Jewish context of the New Testament. Mark sits down with...

Erinn Oxford

Church, Masks, and the Kindness of Others with Erinn Oxford

This week we are wikiing God with Erinn Oxford, Pastor and Director at The Dale Ministries. The Dale is community that seeks to be welcoming to all and empower those experiencing poverty of spirit or space. Erinn has a Bachelor of Religious Education from Tyndale, as well as a Diploma in...


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